Ramadan is all about

making the most of this month and
multiplying our blessings

Youth Before Old Age

Our time before we reach old age is precious. It is during this time that we are able to do the most with our lives, with passion and enthusiasm. At younger ages, we have the ability to be more active physically, mentally, and spiritually. We must take advantage of our abilities before the trials of old age. 

Some things that you can do in your youth are:

Volunteer with an NGO

Participate in online campaigns

Be an inspiration for young people

Network as much as you can

Keep your mind and body active

Health Before Illness

This Ramadan, health comes first. Over the past year, we have seen what happens when our health becomes threatened. It is our health that determines our well-being, our ability to live, strive and survive. 

As the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Whosoever begins the day feeling family security and good health and possessing provision for his day is as though he possessed the whole world.” [At Tirmidhi]

As long as you are safe, your health is good and you have enough to last the day, you are deemed rich beyond measure. Show your gratitude this Ramadan by giving the opportunity for good health to others.

Here’s some ways to take care of your health:

Eat a healthy, balanced diet, in sehr and iftar

Exercise as often as you can

Stay hydrated, especially during sehr time

Get enough sleep every night

Keep your mind active and your thoughts positive

Wealth Before Poverty

How you make your living and how you spend it are two important aspects of faith. Our income should be made in accordance with Islam, and we should only spend on that which is lawful and halal. This includes spending on our families and spending on charity. 

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Charity does not decrease wealth” [Sahih Muslim].

Rather, you will gain reward in this life and the next. This Ramadan, make sure to give zakat/sadaqah to those who need it most.

Some ways to use your wealth wisely are:

Give in charity - it will increase your wealth and multiply your reward

Invest in a halal business or assets

Only earn halal income

Do not fear poverty - Allah (SWT) will always provide

Spend on your family

Free Time Before Preoccupation

Wasting time is so easy nowadays – there are so many ways to do so but it is very easy to end up wasting time. There is no time like the present. Instead of procrastinating this Ramadan, make sure to use your time so it is filled with blessings.

Here are ways to multiply your blessings in this time:

Start everything you do with ‘bismillah’

Set positive goals and aim high

Pray fajr and isha at the mosque

Sleep reasonable hours

Manage your time and do not procrastinate

Life Before Death

Life is short. Our youth will grow into old age. Our health will weaken. Our wealth will be spent. And before we know it, we will have little time left in life before death comes closer.

This is how you can make sure we live a fulfilling life:

Worship Allah (SWT) and stay on the path of Islam

Follow the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH)

Give your time and wealth to help others

Stay healthy, physically and mentally

Never give up hope and stay positive

This Ramadan, take advantage of your youth, health, wealth, time, and life. Pray more, do more good deeds, and stay away from distractions. Take care of your health, and give charity to those less fortunate.

Indus Hospital & Health Network is working hard to ensure that these 5 priorities are accessible to all. Thousands of people in Pakistan do not have what is needed. They are unable to access or afford healthcare, unable to use their time for anything but trying to survive with what little they have.

Charity is one act of good that takes care of all 5 priorities. You are using your youth, time and good health to spend on good before it’s too late. This Ramadan, donate to IHHN. You will gain the reward of taking advantage of these 5, as well as the reward of giving them to another in need.