Indus Hospital & Health Network’s Fundraising Event organized by Seattle Chapter, USA

seattle event

Friends of Indus Hospital, Seattle Chapter, organized a fundraising event on Saturday, July 24, 2021, for Indus Hospital & Health Network. Many dedicated and passionate individuals attended the event and raised money for a Container-Based Community Health Center; to be operational in Punjab, Pakistan.

The event was attended by renowned Pakistani actor, Bushra Ansari along with Ayaaz Khan. Dr. Asad Irfanullah was the motivational speaker at the event. With the true dedication of the Seattle Team of volunteers, the community raised more than $600,000 to help Indus Hospital & Health Network set up the second Seattle-sponsored community health center in the underserved area of Muzaffargarh in Punjab, Pakistan.

Last year, the Seattle community contributed towards the establishment of the first community health center in Shadi Large, in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. This center has served more than 26,000 patients in its first operational year, absolutely free of cost. With the generous support of Seattle’s dedicated volunteers, we hope to continue this act of empowering communities through these container-based community health centers.

Shadi Large Booklet: Click Here