Unveiling the Hidden Challenge: Disability Among Many in Pakistan

Disability in Pakistan remains an unseen but deeply felt struggle affecting people of all ages. Each year, thousands are hindered by the overwhelming burden of arthritis and osteoporosis, where treatment options and resources are limited. Families face emotional turmoil as they confront this harsh reality, seeking hope and support from initiatives like GODA.

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Success Through Perseverance: Inspiring Stories from GODA

Witness team GODA as it performs life-changing surgeries. Through their efforts, watch the awe-inspiring resilience of patients as they reclaim their mobility and hope.

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A Blessing Beyond Borders

Project GODA (Gift of Disability Alleviation) stands as a beacon of hope and transformation for countless individuals in Pakistan. With its unwavering commitment to providing free, life-changing surgeries, GODA has become a lifeline for those facing physical challenges. Through joint replacements, spinal surgeries, and ACL reconstructions, GODA not only restores mobility but also restores dignity and hope to its recipients.

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Friend of Indus Hospital is dedicated to addressing a variety of pressing needs within vulnerable communities in Pakistan. In addition to our ongoing efforts to provide critical healthcare services, we also have several other appeals aimed at addressing specific challenges and supporting various aspects of community well-being.

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