The Unseen Struggle

In the shadows of bustling life, a silent struggle persists for those with disability in Pakistan. The need for rehabilitation services is profound, with as many as 31 million people in Pakistan facing some form of disability. Your support can be the catalyst for change, breaking down barriers and bringing hope to those grappling with physical disabilities.

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Prosthetics Implanted

Walking Tall: Triumphs and Transformations with Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices

Witness the resilience and empowerment that arise when cutting-edge technology meets unwavering dedication, enabling individuals to stride confidently toward a life redefined.

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Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

IHHN is a glimmer of hope for individuals with any form of physical disabilities, providing free of cost rehabilitative services through IHHN’s Physical Rehabilitation Centers (PRCs). Employing a holistic and integrated model of care, IHHN offers preventive, therapeutic, and patient-centric physical therapy and rehabilitation services to ensure individuals can achieve functional recovery from illness, injury, or disability.

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Friend of Indus Hospital is dedicated to addressing a variety of pressing needs within vulnerable communities in Pakistan. In addition to our ongoing efforts to provide critical healthcare services, we also have several other appeals aimed at addressing specific challenges and supporting various aspects of community well-being.

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