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Humanity Knows No Borders!

On the eve of October 29, a devastating stampede moved through the narrow streets of Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, during raucous holiday festivities; leaving hundreds killed and even more injured. Amongst those present, was Muhammad Shabbir, Senior Nurse at the Indus Hospital, Korangi Campus, Karachi. Immediately, Muhammad Shabbir jumped into action, providing emergency aid to help save as many lives as possible. With the crowd surge only growing by the minute, Muhammad knew that his own life was under threat and

A Big Thank You to Our Supporters

As Indus Hospital & Health Network turns 15, Friends of Indus Hospital managed to carry out 15 successful fundraisers across 15 different cities in the US. These fundraisers were held to aid the flood affectees in Pakistan, after the worst floods in the past decade ravaged the country. The floods have left an alarming healthcare crisis in their wake, and Indus Hospital & Health Network is working on the ground to provide healthcare to the people who have

A Life Swept Away – Sakina Bibi’s Story

“Everything I had to live for was swept away in one night. My grief knows no bounds,” Sakina Bibi, a resident of a small village in Sindh, Pakistan, told us. She had been sleeping with her newborn child when the sound of loudspeakers from the nearby mosque woke her up. The mosque was warning people to evacuate, since floodwaters had ravaged the adjacent village, and were now speeding towards them. Sakina and her husband panicked. How could they collect everything, gather the

Fighting the biggest match of his life – Saim’s story

It was a pleasant Saturday morning and seventeen-year-old Saim was preparing for a football match at his school in Karachi. Little did he know his life was about to change forever.  In the middle of the training, he was struck by severe, throbbing pain in his back. Unable to comprehend what was happening to him, he collapsed on the field and was sent home right away. Saim’s father examined his back hoping the pain is only a result of

Cradling Her Last Hope

There is a sea of mosquitos swarming near the tents. The air is hot and the temperature is 104 °F. There are hundreds of children who are roaming around without any proper clothes or shoes on their bodies. Most of them belong to families who have just fled the neighboring villages in interior Sindh, Pakistan to escape the catastrophic floods caused by the heavy monsoon in their village. Amongst these countless people is the face of Taj Bibi, a widow cradling

WHO Partners With IHHN For Flood Relief Medical Camp in Rajanpur

On September 3, 2022, an emergency flood relief medical camp was inaugurated by  Dr. Palitha Mahipala, WHO Representative and Head of Mission in Pakistan, at Rajanpur, Punjab. The medical camp, comprising a primary health care clinic, an antenatal clinic for expectant mothers, and a vaccination clinic, distributed free-of-cost, essential medicines and medical care to 105 flood-affected victims in the region who are severely exposed to waterborne diseases, skin infections, and countless other risks to their health and safety. In addition to

More Than 900 Patients Screened at IHHN’s Mobile Clinic, in Flood-Hit Uthal in Three Days

In an effort to provide maximum relief to the victims of flooding in Uthal, Balochistan, IHHN teams treated more than 400 people in OPDs on the third day, taking the toll to 900 in three days, at the medical camp jointly set up with Karachi Relief Trust (KRT). The diseases that appeared during the checkups were Urinary Tract Infections, Respiratory Tract Infections, Acute Gastroenteritis, Nutrient Deficiencies like iron, calcium and vitamin D, Renal Colic, Hypertension, Malnutrition among children, Skin infections

IHHN-WHO Set Up Emergency Flood Relief Medical Camps In Sukkur And Larkana

From September 9 – 10, 2022, two emergency flood relief medical camps were jointly set up by WHO and Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), in Larkana and Sukkur, Sindh. The camps treated a total of 2,761 vulnerable men, women, and children. The medical camp, comprising a primary health care clinic, antenatal clinic, pediatric clinic, vaccination station, and nutritional assessment & counseling station, distributed essential medicines and medical care to more than 500 flood-affected victims per day, who are severely exposed

Becoming A Refugee Overnight-Story Of A Flood Survivor

It took only a few hours for the flash floods in Dera Ismail to ravage the entire village of Kot Walidad. Amongst the many flood survivors who have been displaced by the massive flash floods and are now in relief camps is Jami Siddique-a farmer from Kot Walidad. “I watched my entire village getting destroyed right before my eyes. It was midnight and I was sleeping but screams and shouts in my area woke me up. I woke up my