Ways To Make Eid Special

Eid Mubarak! We hope you and your family have a joyful Eid filled with love, laughter, and blessings  Once again, we are celebrating Eid during the pandemic.  Festivities will be different this year, but that’s ok – there are still plenty of ways to make sure that this Eid is a special occasion for all. One way to keep Eid a joyous celebration is to follow the sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) The

Welcoming The Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

Today is the first of the Last 10 Days of Ramadan – the third Ashra of Ramadan has begun. Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported: “The Prophet (saw) used to strive hard (in worship) in the last ten nights of Ramadan as he never did at any other time.” Sahih It is during these 10 nights that we seek Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power. On this night, the reward of

Multiplying Our Blessings

Ramadan is all aboutmaking the most of this month and multiplying our blessings The Prophet (PBUH) said “Take advantage of five before five. Your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before your preoccupation, your life before your death” (Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al Hakim). Youth Before Old Age Our time before we reach old age is precious. It is during this time that

Ramadan Mubarak!

The Prophet (PBUH) said:  “When the month of Ramadan arrives, the doors of mercy are open” On behalf of Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN), we wish you a blessed Ramadan with the hope that this month is filled with joy and laughter for you and your family. Stay healthy this Ramadan and multiply your blessings by taking care of the ones who need help the most.  This Ramadan, we are focusing on putting

Preparing for the Most Blessed Month of the Year

We are all ready to make the most of this blessed month and hope to inspire and benefit our staff, patients, and supporters.  This Ramadan, we are promoting the important fact that Health Comes First. Our lives continue to be altered as we enter into the second year of living amongst a COVID-19 global pandemic. The one thing that these challenging times have made us realize is that health should be our number one priority. The

Our Story

Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) – previously known as Indus Health Network –  is a countrywide network of hospitals in Pakistan that seeks to provide quality healthcare absolutely free-of-cost to millions of deserving patients across the nation. Indus Hospital & Health Network was founded by Dr. Abdul Bari Khan along with  a group of professionals, who sought to change the dismal condition of the government-run hospitals. While working in the public sector for many years, they