Patient Stories

A Life Swept Away – Sakina Bibi’s Story

“Everything I had to live for was swept away in one night. My grief knows no bounds,” Sakina Bibi, a resident of a small village in Sindh, Pakistan, told us. She had been sleeping with her newborn child when the sound of loudspeakers from the nearby mosque woke her up. The mosque was warning people to evacuate, since floodwaters had ravaged the adjacent village, and were now speeding towards them. Sakina and her husband panicked. How could they collect everything, gather the

Becoming A Refugee Overnight-Story Of A Flood Survivor

It took only a few hours for the flash floods in Dera Ismail to ravage the entire village of Kot Walidad. Amongst the many flood survivors who have been displaced by the massive flash floods and are now in relief camps is Jami Siddique-a farmer from Kot Walidad. “I watched my entire village getting destroyed right before my eyes. It was midnight and I was sleeping but screams and shouts in my area woke me up. I woke up my

A Knock at The Door, Changed Sakeena’s Life

“I felt no medicine had a cure for my body pain, stomach ache, and fever. I had almost given up on living a healthy life until that one door knock by health workers from Indus Hospital changed my life and health for the better.” Sakeena Bibi is a 45-year-old-woman who grew up amidst a large joint family of farmers in rural Sindh. Sakeena had visited a clinic in her area to get a glucose drip where sanitation procedures for injecting

Planning for the Unexpected – Farhana’s Story

A nurse by profession, Farhana was all too aware of the difficulties families faced when dealing with pregnancies. She was used to providing patients and their loved ones with guidance and comfort through this complicated and often stressful period. Despite this, she never once considered who would be there for her in her time of need. Residing in the nearby city of Kot Addu, Sindh, Farhana lived with her husband and his family. Despite going through a difficult pregnancy, her family

Holding On By A Thread

The Emergency Room (ER) is one of the busiest places in an entire hospital, where the mood of the room can change at any given moment. The selfless doctors and staff responsible for the patients remain on their guard at all times, and always prepare for the worst. There is no line or appointments for patients who arrive in critical condition at the ER, and doctors are forced to not only diagnose the patient but also try to save

The Strength To Move On

Sitting at the local shrine near her house, Naziran Mai silently prayed for her unborn child’s safety. She had frequented the shrine since she was a child, but never could she remember a time when she went to the shrine out of sheer desperation. Never before had she prostrated and begged. It had always been to offer thanks, ask for forgiveness, and acknowledge the blessings in her life. Naziran lived in the small city of Kacha Razi, located in the Rajanpur

Walking Ahead

Mari was beaming from ear to ear as she shared the news of her first pregnancy with her family. Overwhelmed with emotion, the family celebrated the good tidings as they started getting ready to welcome the new addition. Living in poverty with her husband’s family in rural Sindh, Mari hoped to have children for years, and her dream had finally come true. But tragedy struck the young woman as she fell to the floor and injured her leg. The family rushed

How I Caught HIV!

It was a cold evening of January 2021 when Naureen brought her husband; John, to the Emergency Department of the Indus Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. John was unconscious. Naureen was holding their newborn baby and also taking care of her ailing husband. She was scared and pleading to the doctors to save his life. To her, it felt like her world was crashing in front of her eyes. The staff at the Indus Hospital admitted John on a priority basis and

Huda’s Story Of Survival

“Whenever the hospital would call and tell us our Huda had gotten worse, I would just break down and pray that nothing happens to my daughter.” A complete surprise to her parents, baby Huda arrived prematurely. Unfortunately, the hospital where she was born had no oxygen for her to breathe properly. Desperate for help, Huda’s family looked everywhere. Then, they arrived at Indus and everything changed. As Huda’s condition was still poor, she was put on a ventilator for a week.

Three Generations of Love

“He was immobile, and at first, we were terrified he had passed away. We rushed him to a clinic, where they gave him an injection to try and stimulate movement. But unfortunately, he had gone from paralysis to a coma, and we were helpless to do anything. It is the worst feeling in the world, the inability to help your family and loved ones.” Rehan’s grandson Ata Ullah was an energetic child growing up in Turbat in Baluchistan, Pakistan. He would