Childhood Cancer Demo

In Pakistan, there is little or no access to healthcare for the majority of the population. This makes healthcare a luxury rather than a necessity for people with serious socioeconomic barriers. Childhood cancer is one of these serious health conditions. Around 8000 children in Pakistan under the age of 18 are diagnosed with cancer every year. That’s 8000 young lives affected, 8000 parents praying they don’t have to bury their child.

With your support so far, the Indus Hospital & Health Network has treated more than 10,600 children, from Pakistan and neighboring countries. We work hard to benefit these affected families in every way we can touch lives, and ultimately curtail childhood cancer and its devastating effects in Pakistan.

Let’s gift a happy childhood to our brave warriors!


Children register for treatment every year!


Chemotherapy per session


Complete Cancer treatment for a child!


“He rides his favorite tricycle in the hospital’s hallways rather than the parks, he knows the name of all his injections instead of his classmates. But he’s hanging in there with hope. Thank you for helping my son and making his eyes sparkle again!” Mother of a 5-year-old cancer warrior.

“I love race cars a lot. Blue ones are my absolute favorite. When I get out of here, I will ask Papa to get me two cars for my 7th birthday,” a hopeful & excited warrior.