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‘The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday; on it, Adam (AS) was created. On it, he was made to enter Paradise and on it, he was expelled from it. The Hour will not be established but on Friday’. (Sahih Muslim)

Muslims all around the world are encouraged to do good deeds and in return get a chance to reap countless rewards on the most blessed day of the week.

Providing life-saving aid to one in need is one of the best ways to earn extra blessings. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Giving charity of Friday with regard to the rest of the week is the best day to do so. This is similar to the superiority of giving charity during Ramadan with regard to the rest of the months.”

Most people live in pain, sickness, and life-threatening illnesses in Pakistan due to a lack of affordable and timely healthcare.  With over 14 years of experience, we understand the challenges of Pakistani society and provide quality healthcare absolutely free of cost. More than 450,000 patients benefit every month through these transformational services.

Friends of Indus Hospital USA, ensures your funds reach patients in Pakistan and you can give any amount in charity to help Indus Hospital & Health Network treat countless lives in Pakistan and give the patients the treatment they urgently need.
You can also help feed the patients with nutritious meals and their attendants while they are completing their stay in the hospital.

Make this and every Friday blessed for yourself and others!

Save a life!