Ten Nights Of Power


10 nights of Power Ramadan
Laylatul Qadr

Make the most of last 10 Nights of Ramadan!

The last Ashra (10 days and nights) of Ramadan is the most blessed of all 3 Ashras. Here is a chance for you to donate every single day of this period to Indus Hospital & Health Network. Schedule this good deed for each of the 10 days, including the holy night of Laylatul Qadr!

Laylatal Qadr Is A Night Better Than
A Thousand Months.

It is one of the most blessed and precious nights of the whole year. This night is filled with abundant mercy.

The believers are encouraged to make the most of Laylatal Qadr by increasing their prayers, worship, and acts of kindness. By splitting your Zakat and Sadaqah among The Last Ashra (10 days and nights), you are making sure not to miss multiplying your rewards on the Night of Power!