A Fragile Beginning

For many newborns, the journey begins with challenges. Neonates often struggle due to various issues, including the health of their mothers. Specialized care is crucial after birth, especially NICU services, which play a vital role in the newborn’s survival. Your support can change this narrative, ensuring every newborn has a fair chance at a healthy start.

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Women Provided with Family Planning Services

Tiny Miracles: Heartwarming Success Stories from Neonatal Services

Witness the resilience of newborns and the dedicated care that transforms delicate beginnings into triumphant stories of hope and health.

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Dedicated to New Beginnings

IHHN stands dedicated to the tiniest hearts, offering specialized services at Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus (SSMC) - solely focused on mothers and neonates. All the medical services are provided free of cost, aligning with international standards. Your support fuels this commitment, creating a haven where newborns receive the care they need to survive.

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Friend of Indus Hospital is dedicated to addressing a variety of pressing needs within vulnerable communities in Pakistan. In addition to our ongoing efforts to provide critical healthcare services, we also have several other appeals aimed at addressing specific challenges and supporting various aspects of community well-being.

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