No, they are both different entities. Indus Hospital in Korangi, Karachi which provides quality medical services free of cost to all irrespective of religion, caste, creed, age, gender, and financial status.

On the other hand, Friends of Indus Hospital (FOIH) is a US-based 501(c) (3) registered charity which supports the efforts of Indus Hospital & Health Network by raising awareness and generating funds from the communities across USA.

No. Patients at the Indus Hospital & Health Network are not charged any money for any consultation visits and/or treatment.

You can donate to the Indus Hospital & Health Network in multiple ways including:

  1. PayPal
  2. Venmo
  3. Zelle
  4. Credit Card
  5. Mail
  6. Donate to our campaign
  7. Feeling Blessed
  8. Double your Donation/Matching Gift
  9. Amazon Smile
  10. Call us to Donate

You can donate to the Indus Hospital for any ongoing campaign, sponsor the treatment of a specific patient or give general donations. Campaigns open for donations are:

  1. Primary Health Care
  2. Childhood Cancer
  3. Safe Birth
  4. Pehla Qadam
  5. Firdous Liver Centre
  6. Expansion/Equipment
  7. Prosthetic Limb
  8. Maternal & Neonatal

The process and guidelines for distributing Sadaqah donations are similar to Zakat.

Indus Hospital & Health Network provides quality care without any discrimination, free of cost through the support of your Zakat and Donations.

With the help of reputable Sharia Scholars, Indus Hospital & Health Network has developed a criterion to ascertain if Zakat is applicable to a certain individual. Whenever a patient visits the Indus Hospital, he/she goes through the assessment with IHHN’s welfare officer to determine if the patient is eligible for Zakat or not.

Once the recipient of Zakat is identified, their MR number is marked to signify that the patient’s treatment should be supported from Zakat account. The patient is requested to sign a declaration granting the Indus Hospital & Health Network permission to collect Zakat on their behalf and to use that Zakat to sponsor the treatment of his/her and/or other patients or hospital requirements. Once the patient is discharged, hospital generates an internal bill and sends it to the Zakat Committee for settlement.

The Zakat donations that we receive from our donors are distributed among Zakat eligible patients for whichever treatment they are receiving from Indus Hospital & Health Network facilities.

The operating cost of Indus Hospital & Health Network is USD 130 million. (2018-2019)